No matter how many times I write his name, I still shake my head

Keywords: metta world peace, conan, james harden


Metta World Peace/Ron Artest/Whatever name he answers to appeared on Conan Monday night, and the whole James Harden topic was brought up.   The video is about as amusing as staring at a bag of rocks since Metta just continues his head-in-space social skills.   This guy is just so weird, with his responses to anything he is asked, the way he dresses, how he conducts himself.  One of those guys that you just kind of ignore whenever they open their mouths.



Just rambling for days, talking about how he can’t call a guy he almost murdered cause they’re in the middle of playoffs, arguably a good response… if you’re a guy wearing a tshirt with your crazy name emblazoned across the front.   This guy has a definite case of the crazies that’s for sure.