Mike Woodson says Lin will “absolutely” be back with the Knicks

Keywords: jeremy lin, mike woodson


“Absolutely he’s going to be back. We like what he brings to the table. He’s our starting point guard. He’s a young point guard who’s still learning, and he’s going to be better. That’s what happens to good, young players. If they work at their craft, they’ll be much better for it. Absolutely, he wants to be here.”


With confidence like that, I’ll take Mike Woodson’s word for it. No need to speculate whether or not this is true, Woody is the head coach, the man in charge, he knows what is going on. So is this a good or bad move? Personally I think it will be grea….wow just realized I’m wearing my Jeremy Lin shirt as I’m typing this. Okay so maybe I am a little biased but Lin made the Knicks exciting for the first time in a long time, and I think he can do it again. Luckily he will get the chance to proof it to us.