The New York Knickerbockers will sport their alternate Green Jerseys tonight for St. Patrick’s Day

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In the past 10 years the main tradition of the New York Knicks was to not win a playoff game. Other then that they really had nothing else going for them. That is until that one glorious time a year when they sport their green jerseys. Last season the Knicks did not play on St. Patrick’s Day so they did not end up wearing the jerseys. However since they played the Chicago Bulls on Christmas day, the Knicks wore the greens as the Bulls wore their reds. It was a very festive Christmas morning indeed.


The main memory Knicks fans will have of the green jerseys will be of the Dunk Contest. Little Nate Robinson wore the green jersey and coined himself “Kryptonate.” The nickname was used to match Dwight Howard who is known in the NBA community as Superman. Nate won the contest as he dunked over the much larger Dwight Howard (who was wearing his superman cape.) After that Nate went on to sign with the Celtics wear he would wear green every game. It was a lot less exciting.