Knicks and new coach Mike Woodson make Danny Granger and the Pacers eat their words

Keywords: danny granger, trash talk, mike woodson, pacers, very winnable games

Before the Knicks began their home and home mini series with the Pacers this weekend, Danny Granger had a few choice words for the struggling franchise in New York. He referred to the upcoming contest with the Knicks as “very winnable games.” Well he was right, both games were very winnable for the Knicks as they blew out the Pacers while winning both games.


The New York bench continued the dominance it has had for what feels like over a month now. J.R. Smith had back to back strong games off the pine, scoring 16 points the first night and 11 the next. Steve Novak had 7 combined threes over the course of the two games. And to make Danny Granger look even worse he had just 11 and 9 points in the two games.

Now of course not everything was perfect for new coach Mike Woodson. Melo and Stat continued to struggle. There really is not much more to add to that. Both have looked mediocre for most of the season and neither really have an excuse now that D’Antoni is out of town. But it has only been three games under Woodson, so I will give them a tiny bit more wiggle room before I go all out on them again.