Ron Artest gets traded…..four years ago

Keywords: ron artest, metta world peace, trade deadline, twitter

First off I’m not going to bother referring to Ron Artest as Metta World Peace anymore, to be honest I think even he forgot he changed his name. Anyway, Ron Artest took to twitter yesterday to announce to his followers that he had been traded. What Artest didn’t realized is that the article he found was from four years ago. And that the NBA trade deadline passed weeks ago. Well, here is what Ron had to say.


“Damn# I just found out I’m traded .. See yal later”

“Oh wow . I’m not traded , that was a old story from four years ago on google .. I typed my name n at bottom of page I clicked number 21″

“Oh wow.. I just found out the trade deadline just passed…”


To be honest I have no idea what is going on in this picture of Artest. I figured that the most random thing probably describes Ron Ron better then anything else.