Derrick Rose drops 32 as Knicks lose their 6th in a row

Keywords: bulls, derrick rose, losing streak, melo, jared jeffries

The Knicks have lost 8 of 10 games since Carmelo Anthony has returned to the lineup. Melo was once again stagnant hitting just 8-21 shots. While his offense was subpar, his defense was even worse, as was that of the rest of the team. The Knicks allowed 22 offensive rebounds. The Bulls had 56 rebounds on the night, compared to just 38 for New York. The team is soft and as things stand right now, the Milwaukee Bucks and New Jersey Nets would make the postseason over the Knicks. It is not even worth going on a Melo rant, the stats speak for themselves that he is the problem. Tonights main issue was defense and two factors play into that.


Jared Jeffries, the man that everyone made fun of, the joke of the team, the worst statistical player in the NBA a year ago, this is the guy the Knicks need back. Jared has been out with an injury, and the Knicks defense has faltered even more so than usual. Jared does not care about his body, he takes every charge and draws offensive fouls to help his team get turnovers. He is the hardest defensive player on this team aside from Tyson Chandler. That is where my second point comes in. Tyson has been playing a bit injured, and without Jeffries backing him up, its impossible for him to be a one man show. And the worst part is, if neither Chandler nor Jeffries are on the court, well things will get ugly very fast.