The original Superman, Shaquille Oneal

Keywords: shaq, superman, spin doctors

Ahh the simplicity of the Spin Doctors. They were one of most fun bands back in the 90′s and it was due to them not trying too hard to get some hidden message across. Jimmy Olson’s Blues is a song about Superman’s pal Jimmy Olson. Olson of course doesn’t have any powers, and in the song he sends his appeal to the ladies that they don’t all need a Superman. But then again, Superman has many aliases, is one of them an NBA player?



Of course that was a segue setting us up to discuss the original Superman of the NBA, Shaquille Oneal. Shaq donned the name way before Dwight Howard was playing around in the cape. Under the nickname, Shaq became one of, if not THE, most dominant players of the 90′s. Although even when he was the best player out there, Shaq did have a Kryptonite, free throw shooting.