The Heat have been stopped dead in their tracks by the Indiana Pacers

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The Chris Bosh injury has all but dismantled the once dominant Miami Heat. A frustrated Dwyane Wade looked like he was about to fight his coach and Lebron James could not put up his MVP worthy performance. After taking down the Knicks with great…..very, very great ease, the Heat were picked by many to fly on through to the Finals.



There were a lot of things stopping Miami last night, the main thing however was the toughness of the Pacers. Danny Granger got physical with everyone he touched last night and it was enough to get Lebron off his game. The real star though was Roy Hibbert with his 19 points, 18 rebounds, and 5 blocks. If the Pacers big players can continue playing large then it might just be enough to upset the Heat. And once again, make Lebron James look like the anti-clutch.