Jeremy Lin is officially no longer a New York Knick

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There is no sense in dwelling on the past. While with the Knicks Jeremy Lin did some great things, but that is now over and done with and Knicks fans need to move on. The Houston Rockets offered Lin an incredible amount of money, too much for a man that has only started 25 NBA games. Instead of matching the Rockets $25 million contract over 3 years, the Knicks will let Lin walk.


Many factors played into the decision to let Lin head west. Most importantly though was the structure of the contract. The Rockets designed the contract to pay Lin $14.9 million in this final year. This would have put the Knicks well above the salary cap, which would have forced them to pay a luxury tax of about $30 million. New York smartly decided that Lin was not a player worth that much money, and as upset as the fans are with the organization, the Knicks will have the last laugh.