Mike Woodson and the Knicks live to see another day

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Phew, that was a game I have been waiting for all postseason from the Knicks. Now while it might be too little too late, the Knickerbockers finally broke through against Miami forcing the Heat to take it to game 5. The Knicks did not shoot the lights out and they often looked as inadequete as usual. But Melo put the team on his back while dropping 41 points. And Amare even contributed a double double with his busted and bandaged hand, and in case you wanted to see the damage, this is what it looked like before being wrapped up.



Now the series is still 3-1 Miami. And the Knicks havex a lot to worry about after todays game. I can not stress enough how important this warning is. DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO IF SQUEAMISH. Baron Davis had his knee pretty much explode, he is done for what may be a long time. To pile on more bad, J.R. Smith shot just 3-15. He air balled multiple shots while absolutely bricking others off the backboard. It was actually more nauseating then the Davis injury.



So the point guard job is now that of Michael Bibby. Unless….could it be…..Jeremy Lin? There were rumbles of it throughout the game that Lin could potentially make a return if the Knicks were able to force a game 5. You wonder though if you really want a guys first game back be an elimination game against one of the best teams in the NBA. But hey, at this point the Knicks need to go all in, no team in the NBA has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit. If New York will be the first, they are going to need to take some gambles.