Neither the Hornets nor the Bobcats seemed very keen on winning last night

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The Charlotte Bobcats and New Orleans Hornets are a combined 26-95 this season. Only 7 of those 26 wins were contributed by the Bobcats. In the game the teams were a paltry 2-27 from beyond the arc while turning the ball over 12 times each. The final score of this matchup was 75-67 in favor of the Hornets. And as a result the Bobcats lost their 17th straight game, a franchise record. With this loss the Cats are one step closer to NBA history. If they lose out they will be in sole possession of the worst ever winning percentage in the long tenure of the Association.


Now the Bobcats have six more games, two of them very winnable. They play the Kings and the Wizards who are both close to being a league disgrace as well. All the Bobcats have to do is win just one more game. If they cant, they finish the season on a 23 game losing streak with an overall win percentage of just .106. Ouch. And to make matters worse, that would mean once next season rolls around I’ll be on Bobcats win watch to celebrate whenever their first win happens to come.


I’m going to be a little bit easier on the Hornets. They got robbed of Chris Paul who wanted nothing to do with the city of New Orleans. Their deal with the Lakers was much better then the one with the Clippers. But the evil commissioner David Stern did not want Paul to continue the Lakers dynasty for “basketball reasons.” The real winner of this game will be whoever wins Anthony Davis in the draft lottery, and I think the league will rig it so the Hornets get what they actually deserve.