You know when my job is awesome?  When it involves Boobs AND Basketball

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There comes a time in every mans life when the stars align, social networks get brilliantly exploited for pointless reasons, and it becomes my duty as a Basketball writer to sift through an endless collection of women’s breasts and report back to you guys with the best of the best of my findings.   YEESSSSSS!



Here’s the backstory in a nutshell:   Back in February this chik Tiffany Kent who is a huge KU fan felt her team needed a little pick-me-up,  so she snapped a pic of her own boobs in a KU tshirt, uploaded it to Twitter and attached the hashtag #KUBoobs.  That night KU came back from a 19 point deficit for the big win.  Ever since, the hashtag #KUBoobs has been growing in popularity, and over the past couple days has shown signs of making viral boob history.



It’s a proud day for me folks-  Ya know, when I took this job I was cool with all Basketball all the time, it’s my love, ya know? I love every second of it… and then BAM!  God drops this wonderful opportunity in my lap, and I find myself sitting here for an hour combing through a mighty fine collection of  uhhhh… KU fans.


You guys can hit up a Google image search if you’d like, but rest assured, your boy did all the stressful legwork: I put together a nice big collection of wonderfulness right here after the jump.  You’re welcome.


Oooh yeah… Had to throw that guy in there cause he’s killing the game right now- Talk about a full set huh? Even that blonde chik is staring in jealous disbelief