Lamar Odom is on his way down to the D-League as his hellish season continues

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Lamar Odom won the prestigious award of 6th man of the year for the Lakers last season. He was a threat off the bench that helped complete the Lakers roster. Then came the trade to New Orleans…..which David Stern canceled for “Basketball Reasons.” Following the near move to the Horents, the Lakers turned around and sent Odom to Dallas. His career and life have been spiraling down ever since.


In hollywood Kobe was the superstar and Lamar was the supporter, Khole was the reality queen and Lamar sat quietly in the background. But since coming to Dallas the microscope has been on Lamar and the sensitive Odom has responded poorly to the pressure. Will a stint with the Texas Legends of the D-League really save the career of Lamar Odom? It is very doubtful, and if he is stuck there for a while chances are that that Kardashian show will be even more uninteresting than it already is.