After getting involved in the Chris Brown/Drake feud, Parker’s eye still injured

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A couple of weeks ago Tony Parker got into a bar fight while defending Chris Brown’s honor or something like that. For some reason apparently he and Drake don’t like each other. And even more strangely apparently Tony Parker is friends with Chris Brown. Much like Rihanna, the negative effects of being with Chris Brown are substantial. According to the Spurs Parker’s eye is not healing the way they hoped, he may have to miss this years Olympics at this rate.



If Parker cant play for France in the Olympics you can kiss their chances of winning a medal good bye. But here is what I am excited about; if the Spurs do let Tony Parker participate in the London games then he will have to wear goggles. That is correct, Tony Parker will have to wear Rec-Specs. And there is nothing more fun than making jokes at the expense of the guy in Rec-Specs.