Let’s analyze this injury a bit further

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On Sunday night Baron Davis fell victim to the NBA injury heard round the world with his tumble to the court in Game 4 against the Heat. On Monday, we test results showed the severity of the damage, and it’s not good at all, for anyone. The MRI of Davis’s right knee showed a partial tear of the patella tendon and complete tears of the MCL and ACL.


Reports say that that the recovery time for an injury like this is typically about 12 months. When we add in the other factors playing against him, like: Barons age, previous injuries and overall future health, it’s easy to see why everyone is calling this a career-ending injury.

Unfortunately for the talented 33 year old,  this injury pushes Baron Davis into the outter bubble of the NBA.   The guy has unfortunately been plagued with injuries, is always battling through pain, and isn’t getting any younger.   Let’s be clear here, an entire year of recovery time away from the game is an awful big window of time for your organization/league to forget you ever existed.


New talent is being scouted everyday across the world, and a guy like Baron should count his blessings he had the career he had, and get out and enjoy life a bit before that knee has him in a permanent wheelchair.