Frenchman and former Knicks center Ronny Turiaf has signed with the Miami Heat

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For those wondering “chaleur” is apparently French for the word “Heat.” Which is where the good ol’ Ronny Turiaf is heading. No not a hot place in France, but the Miami Heat. Now Turiaf hasn’t really done much of anything this season, he only managed to play four games with the Wizards. And the Wizards are awful. But when your backup centers include the likes of Eddy Curry, I think the Heat wanted to bolster their bench anyway they could. So they picked up Turiaf off of waivers. Continuing with the French theme, a stereotype exist that France is full of stinky cheese. Ronny Turiaf has been called the smelliest player in the NBA by almost all of his peers. To go along with that he is also the sweatiest. I imagine the two things coincide. That being said, in his time with the Knicks Turiaf seemed like a great guy and I hope he gets a chance to play with the Heat.