Blake Griffin finally gets a taste of his own medicine….well not really, but he did get hit hard

Keywords: blake griffin, jason smith, hornets, clippers

Blake Griffin has turned many NBA defenders into a joke. His monstrous dunks have made fools out of the likes of Kendrick Perkins and Timofey Mozgov. Jason Smith did not want to be the next member of Blake Griffins highlight reel. So he did what any reasonable hockey player would do and he laid him out. Except…..this is basketball. You aren’t aloud to dismantle your opponent with a colossal hit. Smith got tossed from the game and later apologized to Griffin. Personally I liked seeing Blake get taken out. I have nothing against Griffin, I think he is a very good spokesman for the NBA. However if you don’t want Blake running rampant on you, you gotta show him who is boss.