Brian Scalabrine…..I dont even need a heading, just his name is enough for you to keep reading

Keywords: white mamba, bulls, brian scalabrine nba 2k12

Brian Scalabrine. If the guy isn’t one of your favorite players in the NBA then I have trouble believing you are a true fan. The real White Mamba has spent the past two years with the Bulls….and apparently played a couple of months in Italy during that two month lockout. Right, the reason I’m writing about Scal is because I saw this picture posted on twitter by @iamagm, apparently the Bulls 13th man is worth of a cover story. I’m not even sure what it is about, but it just makes him look awesome. The magazine by the way is a daily Chicago paper for just 25 cents. Whenever I play NBA 2K12 I always draft Scalabrine, and even in a video game he doesn’t make my team. It may be because the game ranks him at about a 47. Also important to note, the white mamba does have more rings then Lebron.