Chris Mullin had got his love from the Warriors, but the fans had a different message for the owner

Keywords: chris mullin, st johns, warriors owner, golden state, rick barry


This one was awkward to say the least. Chris Mullin (formerly of the St. John’s Redmen) had his jersey retired by the Warriors last night after the hall of fame player had a stellar career with Golden State. While the fans loved seeing Mullin, they were a whole lot less excited to see their owner, Joe Lacob. Or more excited depending on how you look at it. This video is a solid 5 minutes of Lacob being booed. Jump to 3 minutes to see things get even weirder. Rick Barry came in to speak of his old teammate Chris Mullin, but before that he had a few choice words for the fans. I’ll let him tell you hear it for yourselves though.