Steve Novak and the boys on the bench combine for 50 as Knicks K.O. The Cavs, 120-103

Keywords: steve novak, jeremy lin, baron davis, bench

The Knicks had an abysmal first half, trailing the Cavaliers by as much as 17 points. In the second half the Knicks bench took over, led by Steve Novak. Novak had 5 three pointers and a total of 17 points off the bench. Scoring for Novak was easy as Baron Davis found him open early and often, dishing 8 assist off of the pine. Iman Shumpert returned from his injury to pickoff 3 steals. It was a huge effort for the bench, the Garden fans chanted “We Want Novak” once the starters went back in. The raucous crowd also gave Novak a standing ovation.


Novak, like many of the current Knicks, have had quite the odd road to stardom. He was coached by his father throughout high school and then became the all time 3 point scorer at Marquette. From there he went onto the NBA with the Rockets, never really playing much. But much like Jeremy Lin, injuries came about to get Novak in the Knicks rotation and he has certainly delivered. And he also uses his new found stardom to do the “Discount Double Check” celebration that Aaron Rodgers of the Packers has made famous.