Seattle has a new arena on its way, and they are looking for teams to play in it

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The fans of the Seattle Supersonics have spent the past few years watching their own team develop into NBA championship contenders. Unfortunately that team no longer plays in Seattle, they play in Oklahoma City under their new Thunder name. So those bitter fans have spent the better part of these years begging for their team back, and they may get their wish.



Seattle will be building a new state of the art arena that can hold an NBA team as well as an NHL team. The Phoenix Coyotes are the obvious NHL team on the move, but which NBA teams departure makes the most sense? There are plenty of option; the Bucks, Kings, Bobcats to name a few. Of the three the Sacramento Kings are the most likely to be on the move. They barely survived being moved to Anaheim last season, they wont be so lucky when Seattle comes calling.