Allen Iverson has fallen from grace, but a new sport might be his last chance to make money

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Allen Iverson is broke. The former 76ers star has exhausted the estimated 150 million dollars he made throughout his NBA career. Now as many know, Iverson is notorious for his lack of interest in practice. A.I may end up regretting his awful work ethic, because now that he needs the money. No NBA team wants the washed up All Star, and the only basketball suitors are overseas in Turkey. As a result Iverson will be finding a new home in upstate New York.


A.I. will be the newest member of the Rochester Lancers. No, they are not a D-League basketball team. They are a soccer team. An indoor soccer team at that. Iverson will play two games for the Lancers, each contest paying him $20,000. Iverson will be making an extra $5,000 per every goal scored. A.I is a shell of his former self, the one time MVP is now just a guy playing in a glorified rec-league.