Brittney Griner has led Baylor to a 40-0 season and a championship, but what now?

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So last night Baylor became the champs of Womens basketball, becoming the first team ever to go 40-0. They took down Skylar Diggins and her Notre Dame squad pretty easily. In the game Griner had 26 points, 13 rebounds, and 5 blocks. Those are Anthony Davis type numbers, and come to think of it, most men couldn’t match her one on one. So what now? What do you do with this type of talent? It would be a damn shame for it to be wasted away in the WNBA.

I have gone back and fourth thinking about this. Could Brittney Griner actually have a place in the NBA? At first I said absolutely not, there is no way she could handle it. But then I started thinking, there are so many players who really do not deserve to be in the NBA. Brian Scalabrine. The White Mamba is awesome in his own way, but he has no place in the Association. Griner on the other hand brings a helluva lot more than those NBA fringe players. And she can dunk. I’m not sure if this is something the NBA would even think to consider, but a tough girl like Brittney Griner should fight for her right to play.

On a final note, thanks to Notre Dame’s little run to the finals we were able to get a closer look at Skylar Diggins. If you haven’t gotten to see Skylar yet, well here she is. Kind of looks like a young Beyonce or something. Enjoy.