Carmelo Anthony will be one of the headlining names at this years London Olympics

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In 2008 America sent the “Redeem Team,” a team of superstars who were looking for redemption after not winning the Gold in 2004. That team was able to win it all. This years team will look a little different. With injuries to big names such as Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose and players like Dwyane Wade Kobe Bryant, Chris Bosh needing rest, certain players may have to pick up the slack.



And that player will be Carmelo Anthony. Ahh the art of the segue, anyway Melo will have to be able to take things over while the other superstars are out of commission. Despite the many rants I go on against Carmelo Anthony, one thing I can not deny is his clutch ability. The olympics are a very showy thing, and Melo is a very showy player. It really is a match made in heaven.