With no NBA basketball for a few days, I thought I would have a little fun, so here is my all European squad

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We have a little break with the All Star game coming up, and this summer the national teams will compete in the Olympics. Chances are the Americans will win because they are absolutely stacked, however if the forces of Europe combined, they would be quite the formidable opponent. So I decided to have a little fun and put together the Euro Team.




Point Guard: Tony Parker, France – Parker can score and dish the ball. He is a proven champion and the perfect man to run the offense.


Shooting Guard: Ben Gordon, England – Ideally Gordon would have been the 6th man, but I thought the experience of Gordon would be good for a starting role.


Small Forward: Danilo Gallinari, Italy – Gallo is still young and he has gotten better with age. He is a big man that can score from any part of the floor, a matchup nightmare.


Power Forward:  Dirk Nowitzki, Germany – It was hard to pick between Dirk and Pau Gasol, but at the end of the day what Dirk was able to do against the Heat last postseason is enough for me.


Center:  Marc Gasol, Spain – The younger of the Gasol brothers has been having a break out season. He made the all star team and is averaging a double double.



Point Guard: Ricky Rubio, Spain – Rubio is the frontrunner for Rookie of the Year and the kid is really fun to watch.


Shooting Guard: Rudy Fernandez, Spain – Fernandez is a perfect bench guy, its a role he has played most of his career.


Small Forward: Nicolas Batum, France – Batum is another guy thats really enjoying a breakout year. Plus he is still just 23, he has a very high ceiling.


Power Forward: Pau Gasol, Spain – It was incredibly hard putting Gasol on the bench, but I thought his brother deserved the honor of starting rather than just throwing Pau in at center.


Ceneter: Andrea Bargnani, Italy – Bargnani was having an amazing season until he went down with injury. If not for that, and the fact he plays in Toronto, he would easily be the starter.

Now that is a pretty stacked team. Even if you gave America access to Canada and Mexico I’m not sure they would handle this team with ease. Spain is the most represented country on the All Euro team, thinking about it they may be able to make a little noise themselves when the summer games come around.