Lebron James shows the haters why he is considered the best

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Coming into last nights game 6 Lebron James had been 2-6 in games where his team could be eliminated. So how would Lebron respond to the adversity? Well he would drop 45 points while pulling down 15 rebounds as he lead his team to victory. And then some guy poured beer on his head. But that last part is not nearly as important as Lebron finally having a big clutch performance on a massive stage. Although it was still pretty funny…..



With that being said, (the part where I called him clutch, not the beer) this game will be wiped from the history books if Lebron and the Heat fail to win game 7. While tonight was crucial to the title chance of the Miami Heat, it wont compare to the atmosphere of a game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals. Considering his abysmal performance against the Mavericks last year it is safe to say this may be the most important game in the career of Lebron James.