The Orlando Magic get a meek return for the NBA’s best center

Keywords: dwight howard, lakers


There is a lot wrong with Dwight Howard as a person. He is a selfish, greedy, and idiotic child. But there is much more of an issue with the Orlando Magic franchise, who just traded the best center in the NBA for a package of scrubs. As you have heard by now, Andre Iguodola goes to the Nuggets, Andrew Bynum goes to the 76ers, and the Magic, well they get Al Harrington, Arron Afflalo, some pretty low draft picks, and most interestingly, Moe Harkless.



I don’t care about Howard and the Lakers. Quite frankly I hope he suffers a career ending injury and we never have to hear from him again. I am much more interested in what Moe Harkless will be for the Magic. After watching him play all year at St. John’s I know what he can do. He is skilled and only going to get better. And he will get better as by default, he is the new face of the Magic franchise.