Carmelo Anthony single handedly takes down the Eastern Conference leading Bulls in OT

Keywords: knicks, overtime, carmelo anthony, melo, clutch, mets, rangers, yankees

As a New York sports fan there is always a lot going on. With the Mets game at 1:10 and the Knicks game around the same time I found myself flipping back and forth between the two games. Well the Knicks got off to an amazing start and had themselves a 20 point lead. So with that I decided to focus my efforts on the Mets as they improved to 3-0. Then I went back to the Knicks game to see Carmelo Anthony finally be the man New Yorkers have waited for. Melo was clutch, he hit threes to send it to overtime and threes to win it. I have been critical of Melo since he has arrived, but todays 43 points over the Bulls can not be ignored. Now while this was a great weekend for me as a Mets fan and Knicks fan, for others it was not nearly as fun.


Ahh the Yankees. I enjoyed watching them go 0-3. We all know how good the Yankees will be, and how bad the Mets will probably end up falling. But for now it is fun time for the lesser loved baseball team in the Big Apple. Now to a less enjoyable line. The Rangers are backing into the post season. They will play the Senators who had a winning record against the Blueshirts this year. I am worried to say the least. So when it comes down to it, the Knicks may end up having a longer post season run than the Rangers. And then there’s the Islanders…. yeah, let’s not even go there.