Dwight Howard is trying everything to get out of Orlando

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It is no secret Dwight Howard wants out of Orlando. No, literally it is right out there. Howard is openly saying he wants to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets. To continue to show his loyalty to Orlando, he is also claiming the team blackmailed him into opting into his 1 year extension with the team. And the icing on the cake of course is that he requested his coach and GM to be fired, which they were. So yea, we are dealing with a pretty classy guy right here.



Dwight Howard is easily the biggest piece of trash in the NBA right now. Sure everybody hated Lebron for his decision, but at least he played through his tenure with Cleveland and never stirred up trouble while there. Howard has gotten the entire Orlando Magic franchise fired in his pursuit out of Florida. You wanna go to the Brooklyn Nets, Dwight? Me too, I would love to play for the Nets. But neither of us are entitled to anything. You have a contract with the Magic so stop being a giant child and work with your team rather than against it. This is what happens when the NBA lets the inmates run the asylum.