Amar’e and the Knicks extent their winning streak to 5 in a row under coach Woodson

Keywords: amare stoudemire, melo, lin, 76ers, stat, winning streak

A year ago if Amar’e Stoudemire had 21 points and 9 rebounds it would be considered a very average game. Unfortunately Stat has been average all season and those numbers looked pretty good. To be fair, the Knicks scraped by the 76ers 82-79, a very defensive game. Amar’e did also hold his matchup Elton Brand to 12 points, with most of Brands points coming in the first half. So I tried looking at the glass half full when it came to Amar’e last night, but when it comes to Lin and Melo that glass was empty.


Jeremy Lin and Carmelo Anthony combined to hit just 9-32 shots. Im no good at math, but that is obviously a horrid field goal percentage. Of the two Lin at least had 18 points, Melo only had 10. Lin had just 3 assist, well below his season average. Melo had 2 assist and 5 rebounds, numbers that you expect your bench players to be posting. These two have not worked well since coming together, and now neither of them are even the least bit productive. But hey, at least the Knicks still won, I guess that is something to celebrate.