Seattle might be one step closer to getting their team back

Keywords: seattle supersonics, oklahoma city thunder

While the Oklahoma City Thunder certainly wont be moving back to Seattle, the people of Washington state are still working on getting a team back. The mayor of Seattle, Mike McGinn, met with commissioner David Stern himself in New York City. Supersonics fans have been working endlessly to get their old team back, and it appears there efforts may pay off……well at the expense of the Sacramento Kings. But if the Kings did get moved they would be getting the most press they have gotten in years, and quite frankly I still don’t think anybody would care.



I will be honest, I loved the Supersonics. They had the word Sonic in their name, and to a good that meant one thing. Sonic the Hedgehog. Even when I found out the team had nothing to do with the Sega character I still liked them for their ridiculous jerseys. So as you can tell, I am definitely in favor of nixing the Kings for the Sonics.