The Odyssey of J.R. Smith has ended, and he has a few teams after him as he returns to the States.

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With the season ending for Zhejiang (I think that is Chinese but I have been wrong before) , J.R. Smith is aloud to return back to America in order to join an NBA team. For what it is worth, Smith led the Chinese league in points per game. He dropped 34.5 points a night while also pulling down 7.2 rebounds. Now obviously these numbers mean very little when compared to that of NBA players, but they are still pretty impressive none the less.



J.R. is a very hot commodity among some of the top teams in the association. First up is the Lakers. After striking out on the Chris Paul deal, the Lake show is in need of an added boost. Chris Pauls’ current team is the Clippers, who are also very much in the running. When Chauncey Billups went down for the season, it opened up a spot for the Clippers at the shooting guard position. Smith would slip in perfectly and the Clippers have shown they are willing to spend money now. The Knicks had been in the running, but with the emergence of Jeremy Lin the last thing the New York needs to worry about is getting more stars. My final suitor for the shooting guard is the Chicago Bulls. Due to question marks on the status of Derrik Rose, J.R. may be just what the doctor ordered for the Bulls.


Whatever teams happens to get J.R. Smith will be getting a very talented scorer. The trip to China may have brought J.R. a whole lot of confidence that can carry over into some quality NBA minutes.