Another Olympian decides to hit a player below the belt

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One day Carmelo Anthony is getting hit in an iffy place, the next day there is a copycat nut hitter. Nic Batum of France was caught up in what was an ugly game between France and Spain. And when I say ugly, I mean real ugly, France lost 66-59 while only scoring 6 points in the 4th quarter. So caught up in frustration, Batum threw the shot you can see in the video. Now normally I would search for a more legitimate copy of the clip, but I went with the Captain Falcon edition because quite frankly, I find it hilarious.



Anyway, don’t expect an apology from Batum any time soon. After the game he told a reporter that he ”wanted to give him a good reason to flop.” Spain had been flopping and diving all over the court, Nic decied to give them a real reason to go down. I would respect that if it wasn’t for the fact he hit a dude in the balls.