The enigmatic Greg Oden may find a new home in Miami

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According to the agent of Greg Oden, Oden is considering the Miami Heat as his next destination. He also stresses that Oden has no thoughts of retirement. Greg Oden is easily the most depressing fall from grace in the NBA today. Drafted first overall ahead of Kevin Durant, he had all the potential in the world. And then the injuries piled on and on and on.



Miami is just the place for a broken man like Greg Oden. No, not because he looks like a senior citizen and he should be retired. Actually that sounds a lot better then the reason I was going to give…..anyway, there is no risk for the Heat signing Oden. He will come cheap, the Heat don’t have a center, and if he is injured it really wouldn’t be a big deal to them. And who knows, if Oden can finally live up to his potential then the Heat will have themselves four star players. Now that is scary, although still not as scary as the fact Greg Oden looks like he could be Lebrons father.