Only one man will be able to take down Lebron James

Keywords: kevin durant, lebron james, legend of zelda


Luckily when you’re a college student during finals you happen to spend a lot of time on your computer. Most people would say they are studying, but I’ll be honest and say I was diving through the web to find something good for you folks. And greatness I found, a Legend Of Zelda parody for the NBA playoffs.



All right these aren’t that well done, but they are pretty funny none the less. Kevin Durant plays the role of Link, the young lad who must fight off evil. And that makes Lebron the perfect Ganondorf, especially since he has the receding hair line problem. And the whole most hated guy in the NBA thing. So if Durant is the hero that will take down the Heat, then obviously Princess Zelda would be the championship trophy. So many nerd references, so little time.