Shaquille O’Neal earns his doctorate to add to his long list of titles

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Shaq Daddy, Superman, The Big Aristotle, Shaq Fu, The Big Shamrock, Shaqtus, Diesel, Kazzaam, I could go on but these are just some of the many nicknames Shaquille O’Neal earned over the course of his NBA career. Now there is a new title to add to Shaq, and that is one of a scholar. Shaq finished things up and with a 3.8 GPA, earned himself his doctorate.


This is another one of those things that really humanizes the professional athletes we root so hard for. Shaq said he didn’t do this just for show, he says he worked hard for it for himself and his mother and that it is one of his greatest accomplisments. While all the NBA championships he accumulated are nice, this may be the biggest accomplishment for the man of many names.