USA barely holds off Lithuania, wins by a final of 99-94

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There was no Anthony Davis in the game for team USA against Lithuania. The game was far too close for that. While he has played in every game thus far, that has been because those games were blow outs. Lithuania had zero intentions of being another USA victim. After a USA lead of 8 in the first quarter, the Lithuanians dug deep and outscored the Americans in the second. Had it not been for another 20 point effort out of Carmelo Anthony, we might be writing about one of the biggest upsets ever.



As I watched this game there was one thing I noticed: Lithuania played like a college team. They played like they have spent years together, practicing, passing, shooting, everything seemed so cohesive. In a way, they were a better team the United States squad. The difference is the pure star-power of the USA. The roster of Lithuania had just one name I recognized, Luis Kleiza. In the end, the 25 points of Kleiza were just not enough to get by the American superstars.