The zebras were to blame as the Syracuse Orange win a controversial first round game

Keywords: syracuse orange, referees, blown calls, unc asheville

The 16 seeded UNC Asheville Bulldogs led the Syracuse 1 seed Syracuse Orange 34-30 going into halftime. Without Fab Melo, the Orange were faltering and it looked as if Syracuse would be the first ever team to lose to a 16 seed. But then the refs came to save the day. Now I am not normally one to go all conspiracy and say that a game was fixed. Damn though was this game fixed. A questionable lane violation followed by a phantom out of bounds call in the last minute and a half helped Syracuse complete their comeback and get a 72-65 “win.” Am I biased? Of course, I am a St. John’s fan that absolutely abhors the Orange. Come on, just look at how stupid their mascot is…..he is literally just an orange. Putting that aside, this UNC Asheville team got robbed and anyone that watched the game would say the same.