Interviewing for the new Magic GM position is…..Shaq?

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In what appears to be yet another ridiculous effort to retain Dwight Howard, the Orlando Magic will give Shaq a look at the General Manager position. Much like Howard, Shaq started his career with the Magic. And then he left for greener pastures and won 4 championships. So apparently this is supposed to convince Dwight to stay in Orlando.



Not only did the Shaqtus ditch the Magic, he has also had a few choice words for Dwight Howard. It didn’t help that Howard tried stealing the Superman nickname from Shaq. Although in all fairness Shaq has like 78 nicknames already, guy might as well share. Anyway, this may just be a Public Relations stunt because there is no way Shaq gets hired with his lack of experience and there is absolutely zero shot that this will be what can convince Howard to stay in Disney Land.