The Utah Jazz took the final playoff spot in the NBA while bumping out the Suns

Keywords: phoenix suns, utah jazz, paul millsap, al jefferson, steve nash


The NBA playoffs are set. Well the seeding still isn’t known but at least we have which teams will be playing for the title. The Utah Jazz took the final spot as they beat the Phoenix Suns, the Suns were the only other team yet to be eliminated. It is actually scary how good of a season Steve Nash had for the Suns. At the age of 38 he tossed 10.8 assist per game, well above his career average. Nash will be a free agent this summer, hopefully he will sign with a contender and finally get the ring that has eluded him.



Now for the Jazz. Before I even start I will ask you to name one player on Utah. If you quickly gave up, you certainly are not the only one. All I could think of was Paul Millsap. Apparently Devin Harris is over in Utah, some may remember him for his game winning half court shot with the Nets. Al Jefferson also is now playing for the Jazz, he actually had an excellent season with 19 points and just under 10 rebounds a game.


From the looks of it, the Jazz really don’t have much of a roster. This is a team that everyone expected to finish around last place though. They were a rebuilding team, and they figured out how to put a team together and stay competitive. Unlike the Bobcats…..