Jersey Governor Chris Christie has no love lost for departure of the Nets

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Last night the New Jersey Nets played their last game in the Garden state. And like they so often did in their time there, they got blown out. That a wrap for basketball in Jersey, as the Nets are moving to Brooklyn at the start of next season. Governor Chris Christie was bitter to say the least.


“I’m not going to the Nets game (Monday night) and my message to the Nets is ‘goodbye,’ ” Chris Christie said Monday, according to The Associated Press. “They want to leave here and go to Brooklyn? Good riddance.”


After 35 years in Jersey Christie was disappointed to see the team leave. He does however think that there will be another team there in the new future. I somehow doubt that though. While the Prudential Center is a beautiful stadium, New Jersey has some of the worst fans in professional sports. I don’t see the NBA heading back there after the ineffective attendance of the Nets.