Greg Oden will have his another knee surgery in what has been a short, injury plagued career

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Well, it wouldn’t be an NBA season if Greg Oden didn’t have surgery on his knees. The Trailblazers center will have his third micro fracture surgery. In reality, it is just another case of exploding knees in Portland. Brandon Roy was the first member of this current Trailblazer squad to have his career cut short due to knee issues. Oden is clinging for life to his career and he is certainly hoping he wont have to retire.


Oden was selected first overall in the 2007 draft….ahead of Kevin Durant. Perennial All Star and MVP candidate Kevin Durant. Yea, that Kevin Durant. It is spooky how awful Portland has been at drafting, they passed up on Michael Jordan to take Sam Bowie. Bowie had 5 surgeries on his legs, in what was another Portland career cut premature by injury. It may be too early to tell, but it appears Durant is going the M.J. rout while Oden is emulating Bowie. Many joke that Oden have been made that the reason he has no knees is because he is secretly in his mid 50′s. The dude does look like he could be the father of Lebron James. Whatever the case it doesn’t appear we will be seeing Oden lead the Trailblazers to 6 NBA championships, he will forever be linked to Sam Bowie.