Jeremy Lin at it again, 38 points against the Los Angeles Lakers for the 92-85 win

Keywords: jeremy lin, kobe bryant, lakers, knicks, pearl jam, sisqo


Well there is literally nothing left to say about the Linsanity fever. Once again Lin sets a new career high, this time with 38 points. The pessimist discredited Lin with having his great performances against bad teams. It is impossible to deny this kid now after he single handedly defeated Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. Jeremy Lin may have spent his off season collecting the 7 Dragon Balls or searching for some magic lamp because there is no way that a force on this planet was able to give this guy the power to control the NBA overnight. Well lets just continue to watch the man work his magic.

What better way to honor Jeremy Lin than a song by Sisqo. It was between this and Jeremy by Pearl Jam. But to be honest the subject matter of Jeremy was far from exciting and fun like the Lin legacy, so I went with Sisqo.