Nets on the decline with Brooklyn Looming

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Jeremy Lin saw his first big action coming off the bench when the Knicks hosted the Nets 5 games ago. Since then, the Knicks have won 5 straight and the Nets have dropped 5 in a row. The Nets have just 8 wins on the season, and with their new home opening up in Brooklyn soon, the franchise should be very concerned. In order to fix things, they  need Dwight Howard in a bad way.


Howard is a whiner and a diva on the level of Lebron James. But he also brings massive star power, which is exactly what the Nets organization needs. They have been desperately awaiting the return of the injured Brook Lopez, who will be a trade piece if the Nets want to make a deal with the Magic. If Lopez can make it back before the deadline, this is the trade that I think would work best for the Nets. And keep in mind, they obviously need to retain Deron Williams so that Dwight has a reason to stay with the Nets.


Nets Trade: Brook Lopez, Anthony Morrow, MarShon Brooks, Damion James, and a draft pick or two


Magic Trade: Dwight Howard, Glen Davis, Ishmael Smith

Throwing in Glen “Big Baby” Davis is needed to match salaries. The Nets lose two really good young guards in Morrow and Brooks, but its hard to get a player of Howard’s caliber without throwing in some youth. Ishmael Smith is nothing special, but with the Nets throwing in two talented guards I don’t think the Magic would mind parting with Smith.