Following the deadly shootings in Colorado, Chris Kamam shows his support for the NRA

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This offseason Chris Kaman signed a deal with the Dallas Mavericks to play with fellow German Dirk Nowitzki. Before leaving for Texas, Kaman tweeted this picture of himself with the subtitle “Packing up for Dallas, and about to head to the shooting range one last time before I make my journey to TX! #NRA.” Unfortunately, this was just two days after the shooting in Aurora, Colorado that left 12 people dead at the midnight showing of the new Batman movie.



Kaman soon deleted the tweet as the backlash began to pour in. While obviously trying to show support for gun rights, Kaman realized that now probably wasn’t the best time to do it. I am not one to get overly political, but I lean towards the side of Kaman….only to an extent.



What happened in Colorado was most definitely horrific, but if the killer did not have access to guns he would have just used something else. Chris Kaman enjoys hunting, and he should be allowed to partake in his hobby and show his support for it. That being said, right now he should do it quietly as things are still being sorted out.