J.R. Smith gets arrested after failing to appear in court

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Last week J.R. Smith had a warrant out for his arrest, and obviously a guy like Smith isn’t too hard to find. So J.R. got sent to the slammer for failing to appear in court for a traffic violation. Smith has actually had his license suspended 6 times. I assumed they would just take your ability to drive away after you mess up that many times. So with that, the Knicks are left to wonder if they even want this guy back on their squad.



J.R. Smith is an enigmatic player, on and off the court. We saw games where he carried the Knicks to a win by shooting the lights out. And then we had nights where Smith missed shot after shot. Smith is also a guy that could demand a whole lot of money, something the Knicks don’t have. If it comes to the decision of Jeremy Lin, Steve Novak, or J.R. Smith, the Knicks will surely take Novakaine and Linsanity. Especially because they have awesome nicknames.