The Big Man wasted no time in shooting down that opportunity

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Well, that was quick.   Word just broke today that the Orlando Magic were interested in adding Shaquille O’Neal to their coaching staff-  only to be shot down by the Diesel himself.    The NBA site reports that Shaq has personally declined the offer, stating that he wishes to continue his career in broadcasting.



Shaq said in a statement:  “When I first heard about the vacancy for the Orlando Magic general manager position, I was clearly intrigued.”  “I was drafted by the Magic, I have a great love for the franchise, and I have made the city of Orlando my home.  Additionally, I have great admiration and respect for the DeVos family.  However, this is not a job I have an interest in pursuing.  I feel very fortunate to be with TNT and to have the best job in sports.  I look forward to many more years with Charles, Kenny and E.J.  I wish the best for the Magic and I am confident that they will select a great GM and coach.”


This guy is no dummy-  He’s getting paid the big bucks to sit in a chair and talk Basketball. No levels of stress, safety in job security, and he gets treated like a king every time he walks on a set.  No brainer.  I’d sit there in my suit making a couple million bucks as opposed to getting thrown to the lions den in Orlando any day of the week.   Smart choice Shaq!