The Knicks get grizzled veteran Jason Kidd to join the club

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I know it is my job to figure out the things going around the NBA, especially with the Knicks. But the past few days have just been insane for the Knickerbockers and it keeps getting crazier. With that we introduce Jason Kidd as the newest member of the New York Knicks. Kidd had some of the best years of his career over in New Jersey playing for the Nets. Now he has joined their cross river (well now cross town) rival.



Kidd in may be a sign that Lin is out. If the Knicks do decided to match the colossal offer the Rockets gave Lin, then Kidd will obviously be the backup. However if Lin heads out west then we may see the return of Raymond Felton to the Knicks in what would most likely be a platoon at the point. I like all three guys, I got my Felton jersey hanging in my closet and I would love to break it out again. But if it is between him and Lin, of course I rather have Lin. However for the massive price tag it may do the Knicks best to go with Sweet Baby Ray and the Kidd.