Commissioner David Stern addresses the increasing flopping epidemic

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The best move the NHL made following their lockout was the banning of diving. Seven years have passed and the NBA still has not addressed their problem with stars taking dives. This postseason has seen a plethora of players flopping for the officials, and David Stern finally has something to say. Lets get a little Quote on here.

“I think it’s time to look at (flopping) in a more serious way, because it’s only designed to fool the referee. It’s not a legitimate play in my judgment. I recognize if there’s contact (you) move a little bit, but some of this is acting. We should give out Oscars rather than MVP trophies.”



I imagine the NBA is going to talk about this during the offseason. While you may not be able to call a flop as a foul it should certainly be a reviewable play and an automatic fine. But I want you to look at the last part of Sterns statement. Just think about who is the MVP for a second and who has been the poster child this postseason for flopping. Yep, Lebron James, I gotta think Stern knew exactly what he was saying, kudos commish.