If you were a rookie with the Washington Wizards, what would you spend your money on?

Keywords: chris singleton, lottery, wizards, 10 thousand dollars, clubs


“I’m about to drop 10000 on the lottery and cross my fingers.” This is what the twitter of Wizards rookie Chris Singleton had said as the whole nation was engrossed in the $640 million dollar lottery. Singleton was not bluffing, the kid went all in. So obviously he didn’t win the big pot, but he said he did win some money. Now his reasoning for blowing all the money on the lotto was because he said it was either that or spending it at clubs. I’m not sure what clubs he is going to, but if he is spending thousands of dollars a night it must be pretty good. Either way, Singleton probably shouldn’t be throwing away his money, with the numbers he has been putting up he wont have too long of a career.